Escaping the Rat Race

It annoys me when some people who think they have me all figured out say to me that I’m making things up when I say I don’t wanna do anything; life can’t satisfy me; I’m tired of living. If reincarnation does exist, it feels like I’ve been living for a long time; like I’ve seen […]

The Opportunist

Lately this idea crossed my mind that I am nothing but merely a miserable opportunist. I live my life hopping from one opportunity to another. I finished my study with quite good grades just to be able to get a good job opportunity. I work in a field I don’t really put interest in just […]

Accepting Others’ Changes

I had reunion with my old friends a few weeks ago. Well, not really old anyway, they’re my high school friends and it has only been 5 years since I left high school. I’m still young, you know! *smug* Okay, we had talks about many things from Indonesia Menyala to Stephen Hawking to documentary films […]

Ode Lagi buat Sahabat Saya

Bersamamu terasa indah Namun yeah, hidup jadi terlampau mudah Someone’s right, aku perlu ditantang Lepas dari sarangmu, aku akan belajar terbang Sangat tolol membiarkanmu menjauh Dengan satu alasan jenuh Tapi bukan itu, evolusi diri telah terjadi Dan kini harus waras kita sikapi Kita yang naif bicara cinta Menuding bodoh pada yang dibuat gila Sembari malah […]

It has to have a title. So here it is.

umpteen hours on the bike. thousands of meals. loads of topics discussed. bunch of silly things. few sticks of cigs. occasional used books and coffee. what am i without you. numerous scrabble games and competitions. hundreds of movies. feels like losing an arm. many new places. lots of verses of rap songs. million bytes of […]