This look is soooo adorable

Found this pic on the Internet and I thought she looked so cool and hot at the same time! Don’t you just love the way she dressed? And her lipstick is so… wow. Overall: chic, effortless, superb! Gotta try this someday hehe.. Advertisements

Same spirit, different taste

It’s funny how two persons can be so different in some area, but actually are the same principally. So I have a friend named Niken Nariswari. I haven’t asked for her permission to write her name (and refers to her link too :D) in my post, but let’s just assume she gave me that permission. […]

Let’s Start All Over Again..

Me : “Hi, darling! You still look the same like the last time. Still gorgeous.” X : ………. Me : “It’s me. Have u forgotten me?” X : ……….. Me : “Ok, I deserve that dismissive look of yours. I haven’t visited you for almost.. half a year. It’s only half a year, baby. U’re […]

D’Cinnamons and D’ Indie bands

Went out to a music performance last Saturday night. It was such a closing to a series of annual events held during December in order to participate in action fighting AIDS (AIDS? I thought people’ve forgotten it and have changed the euphoria to Global Warming lol). I was there to find that these facts below […]