Escaping the Rat Race

It annoys me when some people who think they have me all figured out say to me that I’m making things up when I say I don’t wanna do anything; life can’t satisfy me; I’m tired of living. If reincarnation does exist, it feels like I’ve been living for a long time; like I’ve seen […]

Kalibata City Guide

If you guys happen to live in Kalibata Residence apartment @ Kalibata City, this website might be a bit of help in finding business phone numbers such as food, laundry, drinking water, and so on. Many of them offer delivery service so you can spare yourself the trouble of having to visit the places yourself. […]

The Opportunist

Lately this idea crossed my mind that I am nothing but merely a miserable opportunist. I live my life hopping from one opportunity to another. I finished my study with quite good grades just to be able to get a good job opportunity. I work in a field I don’t really put interest in just […]

Waking up in the morning

I always get up at around 7 AM lately, no matter what time I go to bed the night before. I go to bed at 9, I wake up at 7. I go to bed at 12, I wake up at 7. And last night, I went to bed at 2.30 AM or 3.00 AM, […]

Planning on IELTS practice

Holiday is coming! Praise the lord! With quite a tight budget, I don’t expect much from this holiday. Instead, I collected nasty things that I thought would be nice company for me throughout the holiday: IELTS test materials. Ewwwwww….. There’s always the first time for everything. For me, the IELTS thingy’s first time was yesterday […]

Rien Que de la Merde

Bonjour! Je voulais vraiment faire du blog en francais mais je n’ai pas eu le temps. Le temps pour ecrire le texte et pour visiter Google Translate et traduire tous le textes 😀 Oui, j’apprends le français, la langue d’amour, pour plus de 3 mois maintenant. Je vais au CCF parce que c’est marche. J’aime […]