Tentang Menjadi Pekerja IT Perempuan

Ingin mendapatkan tool dan tutorial pemrograman gratis? Kunjungi Intel Developer Zone http://sh.teknojurnal.com/witidz Entah apa persisnya yang menginspirasi saya untuk berkuliah di jurusan¬†Information Technology¬†(IT). Dipikir-pikir, mungkin satu hal yang menjadi insentif bagi saya adalah kesukaan saya untuk membuat sesuatu. Tidak ketinggalan keengganan saya akan pekerjaan-pekerjaan yang sifatnya administratif dan repetitif.¬†Tetapi lama setelah saya meninggalkan perguruan tinggi, […]

Escaping the Rat Race

It annoys me when some people who think they have me all figured out say to me that I’m making things up when I say I don’t wanna do anything; life can’t satisfy me; I’m tired of living. If reincarnation does exist, it feels like I’ve been living for a long time; like I’ve seen […]

The Opportunist

Lately this idea crossed my mind that I am nothing but merely a miserable opportunist. I live my life hopping from one opportunity to another. I finished my study with quite good grades just to be able to get a good job opportunity. I work in a field I don’t really put interest in just […]

Accepting Others’ Changes

I had reunion with my old friends a few weeks ago. Well, not really old anyway, they’re my high school friends and it has only been 5 years since I left high school. I’m still young, you know! *smug* Okay, we had talks about many things from Indonesia Menyala to Stephen Hawking to documentary films […]

That Quirky Lecturer

/* Settings: my rented room, Saturday morning. How I’m feeling: dizzy, forced wake up due to a chant sung by some sickos through a megaphone. */ I used to have a favorite lecturer back in university. He is a man in his fifties, plump with belly fat lingering above his belt. Sounds too familiar, eh? […]