Tentang Menjadi Pekerja IT Perempuan

Ingin mendapatkan tool dan tutorial pemrograman gratis? Kunjungi Intel Developer Zone http://sh.teknojurnal.com/witidz Entah apa persisnya yang menginspirasi saya untuk berkuliah di jurusan Information Technology (IT). Dipikir-pikir, mungkin satu hal yang menjadi insentif bagi saya adalah kesukaan saya untuk membuat sesuatu. Tidak ketinggalan keengganan saya akan pekerjaan-pekerjaan yang sifatnya administratif dan repetitif. Tetapi lama setelah saya meninggalkan perguruan tinggi, […]

Scared of being depressed

I’m one of those people who think that depressed people are weak and annoying. They are such party poopers. They’re selfish all they care about is themselves. They constantly nag; dragging people into their miserable lives. It’s hard to actually care if you’re not really close with them. One day, an acquaintance asked me if I […]


I’m going to turn 25 in a few days and I’m excited about it. I believe in this some kind of romantic view about being 25. Some people say it is an important time of a human’s life; a turning point of some sort. The notion might be questionable but if one believes it, it could […]

Random FB chat

  have u got that novel? 1984   nope this guy from ABAM said he has it, but it’s a translated one   i don’t think it’s your kind of story   what kind of story is MY story?   i dunno, something that’s more focused on the character and their experience, rather than their […]