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Indri Yunita
I noticed that one of important things to make great hits on a blog is to have ONE base theme behind it. The popular bloggers, they usually write something specific so that they place good rank on search engines regarding the field they choose. They are something like yoga, image processing in Delphi, chatter bot, scholarship, etc. And the posts within the blog are ALL consistently written based on that theme. I, of course want to have a blog that is visited by many people. But still, on the other hand, I have nothing specific to be talked about. I’ve never been addicted to something and take that something to be something very special in my life. I like music, I like to sing, I like to watch movie sometimes, I like programming actually, I like to play Scrabble, I like to read books, I like to read beauty articles, I like shopping, I like gossiping, I like spiritual thingy, I like many things in this world. And among them, nothing is special enough to be taken as a single big theme of my blog. So here I am, blabbering about anything I want!

Plus, I also noted other characteristic for a blog to be famous. It has to be as impersonal as it can be. But I don’t care as I find my opinion and story is what I like to write the most. So, sorry if you find some posts are too personal.

Thanks for coming by.



Indri Yunita


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