I Bought These Overhyped Sunglasses So You Don’t Have To

I can’t remember how I stumbled upon it, but I had been keeping an eye for this pair of sunglasses for about a year before I finally decided to buy it. It boasts fantastic features, written in well-crafted over-the-top words that leave you overstimulated with excitement the moment you see the website. Introducing: The Hook from William Painter.

One thing that got me impressed might be how sleek and fancy their website looks. Clean typography, white-dominated color theme, and their logo, look at that! So fancy yet so simple. How could one not fall in love with it?

Great website is a good starter but it was not until I got to the “Technology” part of it that I felt like my life would be a total waste if I didn’t have this amazing thing. I had no choice but to succumb to its charms, feeling a little bedazzled with words I don’t even fully understand.

Titanium is the strongest metal for its weight, which allows you to use your sunglasses actively without worrying about them breaking. Your sunglasses are made from the same materials used in a Fighter Jet, FI Race Car, Lamborghini, Bugatti Veyron and ultra-luxury watches. Titanium is the strongest metal for its weight, allowing you to use your sunglasses actively without worrying about them breaking. They’re also hypoallergenic, which means it is perfectly safe for the human body. Doctors use titanium for hip and knee replacements due to this reason.

See what they did there? I can point out two things about it:

1. Using luxury items as comparison, putting their product among those. Clever trick. Clap. Clap.
2. I don’t know about you but the phrase “strongest metal for its weight” really tap into my subconscious mind. And they just had to repeat it for maximum effect. Booyah!

For our coating, we examined titanium drill bits, knives, firearms and FI race car pistons to develop our own matte black protective glazing. We call our protective titanium covering “Black Armour.” This stuff is strong – like drill bit strong.

Pure bullcrap. In reality? Mine came scratched straight upon arrival. And it only gets worse over time. Even as I’m writing this, I just realized now there are parts on the temple where the print has faded. I don’t even wear this pair much. Not even close to 30 hours of usage.

Innovation from Across Industries
We’ve taken everything that we’ve learned from visiting exactly where our products are manufactured to oversee every aspect that goes on behind the scenes. Additionally, we’ve gone back and forth with other sunglass companies’ opinions, so we could see their successes along with challenges that we felt we could take in and improve upon.
However, the most important step in all of this has been formulating a relationship with our customers in order to see what you wanted in your sunglasses. We want to give you a flawless masterpiece more than anything. From William Painter’s entrepreneurial mindset, this is part of why this is why we want to take great things and make them greater.

Just another marketing bullshit. I can’t believe I fell for this. The only thing I can infer from this is they have been to China. Great. Hope they had fun there.

Okay, here goes my personal review. These sunglasses pinch the back of my head. I can’t wear them for longer than an hour straight without feeling head-ached. They don’t fit my non-Caucasian nose that they slip down my nose often. Well, I don’t blame them for this. Just a heads-up for any Asian who happens to read this. The coating sucks. The frame doesn’t feel light. It weighs my face. And the case traps dirt easily. I would have forgiven all those defects had I not paid IDR2.8 million in total for this pair. As comparison, my phone is only IDR1.8 million and I have never spent more than IDR2 million for mobile phone my entire life. Well, one third of the 2.8 million was the cost of getting it shipped. Note that it’s not “shipping fee” because they ship it for free worldwide but there was a negligence on their part by not letting me know which shipping company they were going to use. In my case, they used Fedex. It was from this sunglasses-buying experience that I learned that Fedex Indonesia is crooked as hell. That’s another story and you can google it yourself. I don’t even want to remember the horror.

However embarrassed I am to say this, but one of the most important things that “hooked” me into this pair is the BOTTLE OPENER feature. I actually truly think it’s brilliant. I totally got the idea. It’s a demonstration of how strong and durable the sunglasses are. However, if they are not a good product in the first place, it just leaves them a glorified bottle opener that costs $145.

Of course, I would not be so convinced to get this without the good reviews. You can see on their website almost all of the reviewers gave 5-star reviews and had amazing experiences with the glasses. I think it’s somewhat rigged or somehow people are getting placebo effect from all other good reviews. All in all, I just think it isn’t worth the praise.

All I’m trying to say here is I have a tendency to get excited about the underdogs that try to do better than their more established counterparts. I’m all about cutting costs for marketing, display, and distribution by doing direct selling. I want to pay money for the value I can get from a product, from the functions and material itself; not for the image crafted by a team of advertising people telling me I’d join their exclusive club if I buy their brands. So whenever I see things like what this William Painter guys do, I’m sold. It is sad to think that these startups that are seemingly bright and promising turns out are just the same, relying on marketing for products that are not that great.


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