Random FB chat

have u got that novel?
this guy from ABAM said he has it, but it’s a translated one
i don’t think it’s your kind of story
what kind of story is MY story?
i dunno, something that’s more focused on the character and their experience, rather than their surroundings?
well, yeah that sounds like me lol
it’s just that, what’s great about 1984 is its depiction of the alternative universe of london 1984
he’s likely a genius
who? orwell?
his prediction is wrong though
not wrong, but I think it goes to the other direction, the.. brave new world direction
so very true
people are evolving backwards
some people.
in general, i don’t think humanity can evolve backward
in certain aspects yes i think
how do you think it could happen?
does it help human to survive?
you see all this hype abt smartphones
people are getting smarter in inventing technology
but its effect? it increases ignorance in this world
iya juga yah
as long as the ignorant can procreate, there will be more of em in the future, true
unfortunately the smart ones are usually too lazy to get married, let alone having a kid
mm hm
we should preserve sperm and ovums of genius humans in this world
and breed from them
or just let it be
im sure everything always go closer to “equilibrium”, if you know what i mean
have u seen the videos of “tales of mere existence” ?
i think the creator is a genius
gonna check it out

9 thoughts on “Random FB chat

  1. hoho, totally random 😀

    btw, dalam konteks yg sama (dystopian future), eike lebih demen v for vendetta nya alan moore, mungkin karena graphic novel lebih epik daripada sekedar novel yg melulu isinya tulisan kali ya. iya, kali aja 😀 *racauan menjelang subuh, coret yg tida perlu*

      1. gugling deh, hihi. eh sori komentar lu kemarin gak bisa dimunculin, postingannya juga udah gw apus. maklum, banyak komentar cacimaki dateng dari you-know-who-they-are.

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