Women, stop feeling sorry when a guy left you.

I’ve always hated it when I heard someone or lyrics that goes saying “Is it because I’m not as beautiful as I was, that you are leaving me now?” Eww. That grosses me out. You know the context: a guy leaving his partner for a woman who is usually prettier and/or younger than the woman who’s questioning out. It always leaves me wondering.

Isn’t relationship a two-way street? Well, over time, the woman gets older and fatter and saggier. But hey, so does the guy! Why have I never heard a guy ask the same question? A guy– even though he got receding hairline, his tummy sticks out as hell, his face gets all wrinkly– will always think that he is okay and he deserves more and more pretty girls.

To me as a woman, the answer to this problem is clear. We, women should not try to look good for our partners. Why should we? Our partners, because they are men, are unlikely to try to look good for us. Chances are they will always be self-satisfied with their appearance (however ugly they get). HOWEVER, we should always look good no matter what. Why? So that when they had the guts to leave us, the second they did it, we wouldn’t be sorry. Instead, we would be perfectly ready to be back on the market again!

Sadly this is unavoidable for women (to keep looking presentable all the time) since men is a superficial creature. The look goes first on their list. If you still want to be with a guy, you need to attract him first. To attract him, you have to have the look. I’m not saying that it’s the most important thing a man see in a woman, BUT IT IS NONETHELESS IMPORTANT. It’s only a matter of magnitude that varies from person to person.

Or, if you think it’s degrading to try to look good to men, you don’t have to. You will still be doing okay (:


9 thoughts on “Women, stop feeling sorry when a guy left you.

  1. This has all come about because of advertising which is controlled by—take a guess—men. Why? Money and power. It really is a control issue. Look how bad it is. Women compete against other women using products and clothes designed and sold by men. And who wins? Ah, say it with me—men.

    1. Agreed.

      It frustrates me seeing the competition among women. It frustrates me even more seeing a woman feels insecure like she has lost it. Well I say it’s cool when she wants to keep looking good if it’s what it takes to help her feeling good about herself. Anything but feeling sorry for herself.

      Thanks for coming by (:

    1. It has much to do with the way the society thinks (which obviously has much to do with messages from the media). So if being beautiful and all polished is what it takes to gain profit for women, then yes they buy the messages, they take advantage of it. Logical consequence.

      It’s pretty hard to break out of the system where almost everyone believes that it’s okay to criticize women for gaining weight and to dissect the look of a girl who happen to be passing by. The constant objectification toward women we see everyday since our early years makes it hard for us to see if there’s something wrong with it.

    1. Thanks for asking. It’s been hectic these days and I rarely find the mood to write 😦 Maybe I will try posting some light stuff 🙂

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