Review: The Jungle

For you who like swimming and water adventure, The Jungle Bogor is worth a try. Situated at the feet of mount Salak, the air is quite fresh and cool. Just for 30 thousand rupiahs during weekdays or 50 thousand during weekends, you can enjoy the spacious swimming pools and many other facilities.

There are Kiddy Pool, Lazy River where you will be taken around the site lazily by wave of water, Leisure Pool which is a pool for grownups that is not so deep (120 cm of depth) which is good for me who can’t swim :D, Race Slide, and the most facinating ones: Spiral Slide & Tube Slide! Two high slides just like in any other good water park. So sorry they don’t provide an escalator to climb up. If u want to slide for say 10 times, then you have to climb the 12 meter height stairs 10 times too. And by the time you finish it, you’ll have a pair of nice toned calves.

The place is clean and the view is great. Regrettably, it can not be reached directly by angkot. Those who don’t drive their own vehicle must take an ojeg which is not quite cheap. They will charge you Rp10.000 for such a short distance (about 5 min drive). What about the shuttle buses they offer for FREE? Yes, The Jungle provides shuttle buses to pick visitors up, but don’t put too much hope in free facilities. The bus is rarely found since they come only once an hour! Without no proper place to wait, you will just think of taking an ojeg.

A pic of The Jungle taken from the Internet. I should've taken that by myself, shouldn't I?

Here are some tips that maybe useful..
– Go there on Friday as I did. There really wasn’t many visitors. I don’t know about other weekdays but I’m pretty sure Friday is the day they get the least visitors as people go for Jumat prayer.
– You can have extra ring float for free, of course ilegally. Heehee,, There are many abandoned floats here and there. No one will notice you taking that thing as long as you do that innocently and quickly. Trust me, it works! *devilish laugh*

Sorry I’m not good enough in reviewing. I thought I just wanted to share my experience while warming up my arms muscle after a looong pause of writing. Crap, it took me goddamn hours just to write this crappy post.

But the good news is you can find a more thorough, beautifully written review about The Jungle here.

Overall, the place is excellent. Thumbs up for Bakrie! 😀


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